Effortless Manifestation of Wealth Online Workshop

Effortless Manifestation of Wealth

3-Hour Online Workshop

  • Understand the real meaning of wealth.
  • Surrender and change your thoughts about money and wealth.
  • Express your true gifts and talents to attract wealth. 
  • Learn how to fully receive the wealth the Universe is giving you.


Does This Sound Like You?

  • Spiritual? 
  • Creator?
  • Use The Law of Attraction?
  • Struggling with an income?
  • Having a hard time fulfilling your life's purpose because of money?

Good! You're In The Right Place

The Struggle in Manifesting Wealth

You've been there. For a while, in your life it felt like you were constantly losing money. Although you were following all the steps in the Secret, and other sources, your financial situation wasn't changing. 

You did what they all said to do.

  • Clean out your house (make room for wealth to enter your life).
  • Write the amount of money you want on a dollar.
  • Create a vision board. 
  • Get specific about what you want. 
  • Try to be grateful for what you currently have. 

But no matter what you did, your money situation wouldn't change. You felt like a failure.  

Ready For Something Different?

In order to change this disappointing cycle we need to create a new definition of wealth.

This workshop will give you the clarity needed to realize and call TRUE wealth into your life.

"What is Wealth?"

Most people believe wealth has to do JUST with money. 


Wealth is an internal feeling and state.

We've been brainwashed into believing that wealth is represented by green paper or digital 1's and 0's. 

True wealth takes many forms. 

  • Relationships
  • Memories 
  • Skills/Talents
  • Experiences 
  • Knowledge
  • Joy 

The Truth Is

The wealth that we're looking for is being clouded by how we perceive money.  


In order to fully see our wealth and begin attracting it into our lives in the form of money, we need to take 3 steps.  

  • Surrender.
  • Express.
  • Receive.  

These 3 simple steps will allow you to witness and receive the abundance of wealth you deserve.

What's Keeping You Poor?  

  • Your definition of wealth.
  • Your perspective on money. 
  • A lie from The Law of Attraction.
  • A lack of surrender.
  • You not expressing your gifts/talents.
  • Not knowing how to receive.

There's a difference between being broke and being poor. Being poor is a mentality. 

You can attract all the money in the world and still be poor. 

You don't want that to happen. 

Figure out how to change this mentality and call true wealth into your life.

Money is great! Being wealthy is better.

It's Time To Surrender Your Ideas About Money

You're a creator, and right now your thoughts may look a bit like this...  

"I don't have the money to turn my idea into a reality." 

"If I did, I wouldn't have the marketing budget to get it off the ground."

"I don't have enough to hire a mentor." 

"I don't have enough money to hire the right team." 

"I need to get enough resources first." 

"I'll get to creating, but first I have to pay my bills."

These are all fear-based thoughts that are holding you back from witnessing and calling wealth into your life. 

If these thoughts have been plaguing you, it's time to make a change. 

The only way to change your wealth situation, is to change your thoughts first. 

My Wealth Story

Manifestation hasn't come easy for us all.  

For years I faced depression from the loss of my father, the loss of a child, and a lifelong chronic illness diagnosis.  

But one day, I decided that I wanted better.  

I started to read, listen, and view everything I could find on manifestation. I watched The Secret, I read about the Course in Miracles, I idolized the likes of Marianne Williamson, Gabrielle Bernstein, Eckhart Tolle, and Don Miguel Ruiz.  

WOW, my world changed forever.  

Over the last 5 years I've manifested:  

  • Becoming a nationally known advocate for the Cystic Fibrosis community.
  • Delivered nationally viewed speeches.
  • Reached over a million views on my spoken word videos on Facebook
  • Published one (about to be two) books on manifestation
  • Entered the best relationship of my life! 



No matter what I tried I COULD NOT manifest the financial life I wanted. I would ingest this information, and try to apply it, but no matter what I did I could not change my financial situation.  

I tried for years to make a sustainable income that could cover all of my expenses and leave me with a little more for luxuries, but clients would come and go. Products flying off the shelf seemed more like a Harry Potter trick.  

You see, my dad left me life insurance money, and I was RIDICULOUSLY afraid to lose it all. The thought alone left me feeling shameful, guilty, embarrassed, worthless, and hateful. I didn't want to waste an opportunity to make something of myself, and even more important, I didn't want to squander my dad's legacy.  

My worst fear almost came true. I almost used it all. But then in that darkness, the light crept through the fearful thoughts.  

I had to go through almost the whole inheritance to realize that wealth doesn't take it's form in green bills or digital 1's and 0's.  

Wealth is in the recognition of all that you currently have.  

Until I realized that, I had halted money, and more importantly, WEALTH, from entering my life.

With that revelation, I was able to change my relationship with money, change my relationship with wealth, and enter a state of Effortless Manifestation.  

Manifestation works, and I can show you how to do it effortlessly. Don't make the same mistakes I've made.  

Are you ready for Effortless Manifestation?  

What people are saying about Bobby...

Sam Tarell

Best life coach of all time! Absolutely game changing as far as his ability to see patterns and heal wounds that I didn't even know existed. Bobby understands love and the lies we tell ourselves about love on such a meaningful level that he'll blow your mind in 10 minutes or less. Guarantee you're life will be changed even if you only speak to him once! 100% support everything he does!  

Talie Mervilus

Having Bobby for a life coach truly did map out my life towards multiple positive directions. I am forever thankful for the experience. He was dependable caring and provided me with amazing insight, planning, advice, perspective and truly helped me learn a lot about myself.  

Kristina Ross

Over time, through our sessions I learned how to believe in myself for the first time. I began to believe in my voice, heck even believe I even have a voice. In that process, I was able to open myself up and find my calling. Since that awakening, my life has changed to a degree I sometimes don’t recognize... for the first time I am okay with the process. I am making choices that reflect my truth and I am taking ownership of my life. I’m not bored anymore and I am excited to see what the future holds. 

Why You Need This Course

You Will Become:

  • A vessel of inspiration.
  • Connected with your source.
  • Truly Wealthy.

You will become who you believe you are meant to be and feel fulfilled, wealthy, joyful, and peaceful, while you do it. 

We're all meant for greatness. Sometimes, we just get in our own way. 

Let that stop today. 

Let the evolution start!

You'll Be Able To:

  • Recognize all the wealth in your life
  • Call more wealth into your life
  • Make money doing what you love
  • Enhance your current wealth situation
  • Manifest all of your visions into creations 

You will have all the tools you need to succeed in creating your wealth when you leave this workshop.

Step Into Abundance

In this workshop understand why you're not effortlessly manifesting wealth, what you are doing RIGHT and how to enhance it, so you can make your visions a reality and do it peacefully. 

Go From Feeling This

  • Confused
  • Worthless
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Pity
  • Worry
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

To Feeling This

  • Inspired
  • Joyous
  • At Ease
  • Creative 
  • Peaceful

How Will This Change Happen?

This workshop will unveil multiple ways in which you're keeping yourself from wealth. More importantly, it will give you THE TOOLS necessary for you to be able to identify what's holding you back, how to change them, and how to start receiving the true wealth you deserve. 

You will leave this class with everything you need to attract wealth into your life. 

  • The correct perspective on money and wealth.
  • Unlearn what's not working for you. 
  • The knowledge of how to become aware of what's working, and what's not working for you. 
  • Steps on how to surrender and change your thoughts about money and wealth.
  • How to express yourself and live in constant creation. 
  • How to attract wealth through your creations. 
  • How to receive the wealth that's being sent your way.

It's Time For Effortless Manifestation of Wealth

In this workshop, we will follow the stucture below to create a loving, nonjudgmental space, where we will best be able to uncover lies, spread truths, experience revelation, and set ourselves and others up to enter an Effortless Manifestation of Wealth

  • Meditation
  • Powerpoint
  • Group Discussion
  • Action Steps/Closing Comments

Session Information

When: January 12th 3 P.M  

Where: Zoom (link will be emailed upon registration)  

Join This 3-Hour Workshop And Enhance Your Wealth

  • Discover the MAIN LIE about the Law of Attraction that's halting your manifestation efforts.
  • Unlearn the egoic thoughts that are blocking your wealth. 
  • Understand what it means to align to your source.
  • Build a personalized plan on how to start manifesting your true wealth.